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Relaxing Candles
Ayurveda for Balance

Ayurvedic Massages 
Beyond wellness: the rebalancing power of nature

Abhyangam - Full Body Oil Massage


Warm medicated oils are applied with long and balancing strokes. 

Overall relaxation and sense of  grounding is promoted. This massage is especially beneficial to treat nervous system, sleeping disorders, fatigue, burnout and exhaustion as well as hormonal imbalances. The full body oil massage known a wonderful doorway to embodiment.​

Udvartana - Full Body Powder Massage

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In order to restore your balance and add more vitality, herbal powders slightly heated are applied and purposefully massaged over the body from toes to neck. The strokes are energetic and the movements up lifting. Especially indicated in Spring to enhance a natural process of detoxification and/or a guided detox plan, and all year around to improve sluggisnesh and slow digestion.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


The AYM protocol, as developed by Master Kusum Modak, is offered on the floor. The technique is suitable to improve circulation as well as physical and energetic alignment. It removes stagnation and blockages in a gentle yet effective way, combining passive yoga stretches that enhance flexibility  to a deeper work on muscles and skeleton. 

Marma Thearapy

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Through the subtle stimulation of energetic pressure points we access the physical and emotional body. This gentle physical and energetic pressure awakens the higher intelligence connected to a specific organ in the body and thereby helps to release old emotions, stagnant energy and blocks. By freeing up these points and their connected channels we feel a sense of deep physical and emotional release and freedom to tap into the pure nature of calm and radiant body and mind.

Head, Back and Shoulder Massage


Focused on releasing tensions from the upper body by working at both physical and energetic level with the use of a technique that combines a deeper work on the muscles, the long strokes of the Keralian tradition as well as the activation of the energetic Marma points. Add on treatment: can be combined with regular full body abhyanga and with the local treatments to deepen the healing experience  or as a way to close your Ayurvedic Consultation.

Deep Abdominal Massage


Focused on improving digestion and overall relaxation, the abdominal massage can be considered one of the deepest experience when it comes to unblocking stagnant energy.

activating your inner fire and allowing a deeper work on your internal organs. It is meant to support an healthier digestion and elimination in presence of gut issues.

It is suitable to be combined with the regular abhyangam and treatments to deepen your healing experience.

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