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Ayurveda for Balance

Activate the Inner Alchemy


Is the “imbalance” something that "happens" to us?

The answer is "yes and no": Ayurveda teaches that we are the mirror of the Universe and vice versa - what we see outside of us is also what we are made of. Seasonal changes for instance do affect us the same way they affect the environment: these are physiological fluctuations and we can have the wisdom to move from one season to another gracefully as Nature does.

Why does this inner wisdom sometimes not work?

Ayurveda points out that disease occurs when “we forget our true nature”. When the tendencies of the mind are predominantly rajasic (tendency towards action) or tamasic (tendency towards inactivity) we “lose the contact” with our Natural Self and to what is beneficial. In this state, the inner wisdom is no longer audible as covered either by erratic, loud voices or by the dullness of our thoughts: we engage with the object of our senses either too much or too little or in ways that are not appropriate. This results in restlessness, anxiety, fearful thoughts, stress, emotional fatigue, sadness, grief, attachment or depression.

The piling up of habits, thoughts and behaviours are the fruits of a “way of relating” that can be reversed; the wisdom can be restored by introducing routines that eventually bring stillness and clarity to the mind.​

Balance is not a state to reach, nor a place to go

Balance is our true nature, what we are, beyond the constant waxes and wanes, ebbs and flows, ups and downs of Life.

Ayurveda is not a quick fix, it requires patience and perseverance, but it pays off: habits can be changed and emotional addictions can be broken. Within this framework we will navigate together using the tools provided by this timeless medical system.

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