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Pregnancy Dress

Embracing changes
Acknowledging the profound shift in your identity is part of the journey together.

Embracing motherhood is a process that may start way before a new life is conceive inside your womb.

Ayurveda suggests the importance of supporting a new Life by taking care that the soil and the seeds planted are abundant and fertile and that you (and your partner) are starting off this journey the best possible way. The first step is therefore to create balance: Pre-conception Guidance unfolds in 3 to 6 months time in a process that allows a deeper reconnection within to prepare body, mind and spirit to call a new soul into this earth. As early as Pregnancy is established, we can start with the Pregnancy Guidance that assists you in the profound transformation that you are experiencing. By adjusting lifestyle, nutritional choices, physical and emotional care to your new discovered needs, as time goes by, the connection with your baby strengthen as well as the space they occupy in your thoughts and life. A different set of needs and desires emerge together with a new YOU. I wish you to feel inspired and welcome to explore the weeks of your pregnancy with curiosity as they unfold.


If it is true that your own journey into motherhood started way back when your baby was a thought nested in your heart.

and probably you spent the last months watching your belly becoming bigger and your feet disappearing, it is also true

that most of your energy goes into preparing yourself for birth and you know that it will take some time and some support from the moment your baby will be on your chest. Childbirth is an important moment and my support in this moment of your life drawn from my experience as birth doula. Traditional societies were well prepared in supporting newborn mothers: healing remedies and practices where embedded in the culture and passed on within the community. Nowadays part of the knowledge is held by our elders, mothers and sisters, while part unfortunately went lost. 


My desire is to offer part of this knowledge to you in a way that you might feel inspired in sharing the experience of being cared for with other women, as a friend, sister or mother, so that - over time - our communities will be infused again with the lost knowledge of the past. For all these reasons and many more I crafted for you different Path: they are all unique in their way of nurturing you. You can choose one path and walk it all the way or let them intertwine: exactly as Life's paths naturally do.  Each Path is meant to offer you opportunities of care. Each Path keeps an eye on both you and your baby's wellbeing.

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