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Embracing your cyclical nature 
This is a powerful initiation that many of us have missed. I'm here to remind you of a dormant wisdom.

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This is a journey back to yourself, to your own inner knowing. Ayurveda teaches us how to observe Nature and HER cyclical movement: the cyclical movement of the doshas that rise, peak and fall during the cycle of a day, during the cycle of a season.

There is another powerful cycle, most of us women have been severed from, is the cycle of our womb that mirrors within the power of Nature without.

Learning how to tune with Her, to listen at Her calling for rest and action is one of the first important aspect I will guide you through in our Consultation. I will be sharing Ayurvedic wisdom as well as other practices to rebalance your menstrual cycle and if this is your wish we will work on reclaim the power of your blood as life-giver and we will work together in enhancing your fertility.


Embracing our cyclical nature also means learning how our libido moves through the time-span of a month as well as through our life: I will be supporting you in rediscovering the root of your sexual energy, how this is expression of Life's power and how Ayurveda links it to a generative and creative energy that sustains you in a wider way than we are socialised to. 

The last area I cover is of a more gynaecological nature: working together in rebalancing after miscarriages, abortion as well as issues such as PCOS or Candida.


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From menarche to menopause 



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