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Healing the emotional and physical body
The healing gift of touch during your pregnancy and postpartum recovery

Massage plays an integral part of prenatal and postnatal care. We know that touch "feels good" and science backs us up: skin stimulation mobilises "feel good" hormones that counteract  stress and oxytocin, the "bounding and loving hormone" that - among others - improves the functioning of the placenta as well as stimulates and speeds up contractions of the uterine wall, crucial both during childbirth and postpartum. The second trimester is the best moment to start receiving regular massages and you can book regular appointments until the end of your postpartum window; massage alleviates as well as releases the physical and emotional tensions stored in your tissues.

You are invited to elevate your care: starting with week 13 until week 34 you are welcomed to my practice space every 3 weeks to support you in fostering a new balance. As your due date approaches, you will find beneficial to receive a massage once a week: finding stillness and moving inward is what will benefit the most next to feeling relieved from aches.

Once you give birth I am happy to visit you to set you up and to offer the first care for the new mother: this is an important moment that will shift positively the rest of your postpartum time. After the first 2 weeks you are welcome to see me again in my practice space to receive on a weekly basis until the end of the Sacred Postpartum Window. After the first 40 days, for the first year, the advise is to support your process with a monthly visit.

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage


The main benefits are:

  • improves mood and sleep

  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure

  • supports lymphatic and venous circulation

  • reduces aches and discomforts

  • reduces low back pain due to postural shifting

  • nourishes and toning the skin and muscles

  • alleviates water retention

  • lowers levels of stress and anxiety

Labor Treatment: Overdue or Broken membranes and no contractions

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The main indications are:

  • ​overdue 

  • broken membrane and no contractions 

  • stimulate uterine contractions when waters are broken but labor doesn't initiate naturally

Self Abhyanga: Breast and Womb Care

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Instructional session & written instructions on how to perform:

  • self abhyanga
  • perineal massage
  • womb care (traditional ayurvedic yoni pichu)

  • breast care 

  • indication of the best selection of oils based on your Ayurvedic constitution

Sitz Bath

Milk Bath

The healing of the perineal area can be supported and accelerated by the use of a combination of herbs that acts as powerful anti-inflammatory. 


  • 1 visit on day 2 or 3 after birth where you will receive:

    • healing sitz bath

    • gentle soft scrub and foot massage (organic, hand made scrub)

    • ​cup of ceremonial grade cacao 

    • sitz bath herbal supply for 4 more days and instructions on how your kraamzorg can make it ready for you


Herbal Support


​​​The body undergoes deep transformations during pregnancy and the early postpartum requires proper care and supplementation from natural sources. 



  • Herbal remedies for:​

    • afterpains​

    • better sleep

    • mood balancing

    • digestion and elimination

    • uterine detox

    • mineral and vitamins restoration


Postpartum Planning


Preparing the nest may require some planning. If you feel the need for an extra support, this is for you.



  • x1 Postpartum Planning session

  • "A Mother's Manual" Ayurvedic guidance for mothers

  • "It takes a village" resourses

  • Mama's Handbook

  • Helping Handbook

  • Postpartum Supply - shopping list

  • Recipes for Healing 

  • Recipes for the Sacred Window


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