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Psychic Ritual
Ayurveda for Balance

Ayurvedic Consultations
Life's waves and wanes: find out what balance means for you.


Expect to take actively charge of your health, to widen your understanding of the connection between your own body and mind and to progressively make small changes that will support you in living in a more harmonious and balanced way.


If we have never met before, there will be a first Ayurvedic Consultation during which we will be exploring your inborn constitution, also called prakriti as learning about it gives an understanding of what kind of nutritional habits and lifestyle choices, would make you thrive. Your present complaints (also called vikruti or distance from your state of balance) will be addressed and we will explore the basic pillars of health: food and lifestyle, sleep and sexuality. During our first conversation we also explore aspects connected to your work or study environment, relationships with yourself and others: here you may already start having some insights on yourself. The first consultation is completed by a visual assessment (tongue, face, skin, nails, bone structure), abdominal palpation and pulse reading. Within a week from our first encounter you receive a Personalized Rebalancing Plan, according to your needs. They may include: nutritional and lifestyle advises, a sleeping routine, a yoga based routine, a menstrual routine or a self care routine, herbal remedies and ayurvedic massage and treatments.

We will meet again for a formal Follow Up Consultation within a timeframe that span between 3 to 6 weeks: during this time we will be in touch either via email or we will see each other for massages and treatments, during which we will have the needed check ins. During the Follow up we look into what areas of your personalized plan you have implemented and what you observe in relation to the complaints you came in with. We will also look into possible different aspects or complaints that may have emerged due to changes in your environment (i.e. work, relationship, yourself) with the aim of addressing them. After this first follow up we may move into seeing each other again after 3 to 6 week or we could move to the Seasonal Consultations where we work on adjusting your needs to the seasonal changes.

My expertise revolves around Women's Health and Emotional Balance: we work together to support your wellbeing around your Menstrual Cycle and your Womb balance, embracing all stages including, Fertility and Conception, Hormonal Balance, Pregnancy and Postpartum, Menopause. Next to it I have extended my psychological background to the realm of Ayurveda, supporting you when dealing with Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, Anxiety, Grief and Depression. 

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