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Empowering Sustainable Changes


For the past 10 years I've been drawn to explore believe systems, psychology, self inquiry, yoga, health, groups dynamics, the unseen, life energy, love, death and grief and the intersection between divinity and humanity.


I consider myself a curious traveller, passionate of meeting reality as it is and above all others and myself in truth. The path I've walked shaped my approach as non judgemental and inclusive.


When we work together, both individually and in group, I naturally hold a safe space for expression and growth. Whatever is the reason for us to meet, I'll be offering you my truth and create the opportunity for you to find, speak and act yours.

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I trust there is no one single path that is better than another and that we all are to explore which one serves us better in each given moment. I above all trust that our capacity for healing is encoded in who we are and who we have always been. Here  are some of the pathways that have served me and my students and clients profoundly over the past 10 years. My invitation to you is to be curious and feel which one may resonate the most: sometimes we discover that is a combination of them all that is what we were looking for. 

Ayurveda therapy

My approach is slow and steady, as this is what gives access to Ayurveda's forgotten wisdom and help us to move back into balance. I work with Ayurveda blending into different traditions, including shamanism, guiding you into intuitive forms of understanding to empower your choices.  When I work with women we drop together in the space of the womb, while when working with man we explore the heart space: as doorway to loving presence. In finding opportunities to reconnect with the regularity of the inner and outer seasons, we work together in finding a new sustainable balance.

Yoga is explored as a tool for accessing to a wider space through which we can reconnect. My yoga classes have you at the center: my heart is my compass.

When I hold space in the Mysore room, when I lead a Group Class or when we work therapeutically in a one-to-one session, focus is not on the practice but on the individual that is in front of me.

I like connecting on a personal level sharing what I keep on learning through my own practice and thank to the support of my teachers. I teach group classes and offer Yoga Therapy sessions in Amsterdam.

Surprised Pregnant Woman

My relationship with birth and transformation is deeply rooted into the understanding of the natural passing of the seasons as Ayurveda's wisdom has been teaching us.

Women have deeply encoded inside of them the memory of being a Portal to Life and Ayurveda as Wisdom that supports Life has to offer infinite tools to nourish body and spirit.

Journeying together you will learn about forgotten routine involving movements, massages, conscious breathing, herbal remedies and nutritious food. I offer my presence, holding space as Birth Doula.

The moment I stepped into this work in 2017, I realized I no longer wanted to move away from the depth of insights and the truth about who I am that The Satori Process offers. In search for more  authenticity, I since then I have been journeying with many wonderful beings, learning together to drop the protective walls around the heart. It was at the end of one of these processes that I made myself available to learn and support in making possible for more people to be touched by this Process. Some years later, here the answer to my call...

Healing Therapy

Before creating an offering I always ask myself: how what I share will be in serving of the people in front of me? 

How can I turn the gift of coming together into a joyful opportunity for growth and expansion? 

I share what I have myself received, with gratitude and as many say, from the heart. Ayurveda and Yoga are the gifts that I feel called to offer to those that are happy to receive.


Ayurveda Practice - Stories Space

Keizersgracht 394, 1016EH, Amsterdam

Yoga Therapy, Mysore Program, Yoga Classes - Yoga Circle

De Clerqstraat 66-68, 1052NJ, Amsterdam

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