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Womb care
Reclaiming your Wholeness one step at a time.



The Life of a Woman unfolds in a non linear way: as the moon we wax and we wain.

Ayurveda teaches us that the body of a woman mirrors the way Life moves; honouring this internal rhythm translates into adopting a slightly different set of practices as well as lifestyle and nutritional choices that are supportive to a pain free, regular cycle.

Each woman moves at her own unique rhythm that varies slightly based on her prakruti (the inborn constitution) and each deviation from her natural pattern can be rebalanced. 

We will work together on anything connected to the length of your cycle (too long or too short), the quantity (too scanty or too abundant) and the quality (clotting, intermittent) of your bleeding.


For some of you this work may be aimed in bleeding again: amenorrhea can have different causes and Ayurveda can support you in rebalancing your hormones when stress and lifestyle are the culprit as well as when you are coming off from hormonal pills or IUD.  




The program includes:

Consultation (60min) to determine your current complaints and state of balance

Ad hoc treatment plan addressing lifestyle and nutrition

6 Ayurvedic Massages (60min) 

Herbal remedies


This offering is for you if you are ready to work consistently on yourself for a min of 6 months. 


Further treatments or practices will be advised based on specific needs.

Womb Healing Program


save 10% on basic price of €655,- until 30 September

*Payment plans available

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