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 Spring Satori Process Weekend Retreat 
5 - 7 April 2024 | Het Zonnehuis, Loenen, The Netherlands

The Satori Process

The name Satori is Japanese and means a “direct experience of truth” and the Process that leads you to experiencing this moment of truth is as powerful as the destination. A Satori is a moment of profound realisation that is not to be forgotten, so powerful as experienced in such a way that it will always stay with us, and it is for us to come back to it, long after the workshop is over.
The process involves working in pairs through communication exercises within a structure that offers outside of these times, several moments where you get to experience yourself in silence.
Satori opens you to an unparalleled self empowering process: while you journey towards the peak experience, what arises while you pose your attention to your question (the first question you start working with is "Who am I?") is the opportunity to meet yourself in truth, gathering insights on your own basic life patterns and attitudes. While the stories around who you are – or rather who you think you are – dissolve through self enquiry, you experience the power of being held with compassion by each of the participants you will be sitting with.
Exploring who you are will involve looking at the myriad ways your conditioning has affected you and continues to affect your relationships – from birth experiences, through childhood and into the decisions you have made as an adult - and how identified you are with this conditioning which was imposed on the essential being you are. The Satori process begins to free you up from the patterns your upbringing has imposed on you, very often unconsciously, and connects you with the presence – in your daily life – of a greater and self-nurturing understanding of who you really are.
The state of Satori is experienced on all levels, with every cell and fibre of your being. These moments are never forgotten – from that time on you know, from your own experience, who you are. Life is never quite the same again.
The Satori process does not depend on any belief, thought, feeling or context. Whatever it is that you experience over the duration is entirely and absolutely yours. Exactly what is experienced and how it affects the individual concerned is unique to that person. 

To learn more about the Satori Process, visit the official website:

What to expect?

The work is open to anyone, no previous experience is required. 

Communication exercises

Walking Meditation 


Silence and deep moments of connection


Self inquiry

Nourishing and delicious meals

Walks in nature, access to waterfalls, natural swimming pool, butterfly sanctuary and the beautiful surrounding

Arrivals Friday, April 5 16.00 - 18.00

Dinner is served before the starting of the Satori Process

Arrange your departure no earlier than April 7 at 18.00 to allow time for your goodbyes.

Details will be shared with participants upon registration


The Venue

The Venue
At the edge of the forest in the green heart of the Netherlands, you will naturally relax at Het Zonnehuis in Loenen. In the laid back atmosphere of this place you will be inspired to rediscover yourself through relaxing and meaningful activities. The quietness of this beautiful location, will support your individual and our collective Process. 


If you travel via car, parking is free of charge inside the Venue - please let us know to make sure your space is reserved. 


If you travel by train 

- Apeldorn train station connects Loenen, the nearest town, via bus 43 in 20min. 


If you travel from outside Amsterdam/The Netherlands
- Schiphol Airport has direct flights to most of the European main cities

Rooms & Registration

You are welcome to reserve your preferred option - we will keep the availability up to date. Early birds options are available until January 31st.

€595,- Early birds

€620,- Full price 

The price includes:

  • Satori Fee

  • Full boarding

  • Parking on the north side of the Farm House

Payment options 

  • Early birds/Full price at the time of registration

  • €100,- deposit - the outstanding amount is paid by March 31, 2024

For a better feeling of the location and more details visit

If you are unsure this Process is what you are looking for, contact us

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