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Sharing Circle
 Amsterdam West, The Netherlands

The space we create is an opportunity to meet like-minded people that are committed, as you are, in experiencing connection and life consciously. The experience of sharing is simple and yet profound: by expressing what longs to be heard in a non judgemental space you feel fully seen and received. This offers the potential for deep healing as well as the doorway to a more accepting and deeper understanding of who you are. 

The Circle is shaped by each participant: the personal commitment is the willingness to be who we are in each moment, which exposes our greatest vulnerability and opens us to personal power. 

Exploring our own patterns and the intention to own the parts of ourselves that we tend unconsciously to project onto others may open the way for feeling a better integrated being.

The Circle container is co-created; the co-facilitators are an integral part of the group: there is no intention to offer any therapeutic or coaching setting, we all sit together sharing with each in a circle of equals. However, it is a shared responsibility among the co-facilitators to keep the group safe to support the expression of each individual in its own authenticity.  

The Circle has a simple structure:

Centering and Grounding led by one of the co-facilitators

Check-in as we move into the present moment

Open Sharing 


There is no pre-existent theme for each session: it is our common experience that the group naturally expands around one or more topics the moment each participant shares whatever is alive and relevant for them in each moment.



Single pass, registration via link below: € 10,-

Next dates 2023

Friday 17 November 19:00 - 20:30

Friday 15 December 19:00 - 20:30


The Venue

The space is intimate and able to host a small number of participants.

The home-practice space is in Amsterdam West - precise address will be shared upon registration.

Click below to register to one or multiple sessions, and receive the payment link

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