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Nourishing Food 
Ayurvedic nutrition: supporting your Pregnancy step by step



During pregnancy your baby and your heart are connected.

The umbilical cord, known as Garbhanadi or "the nadi of the baby" from the baby's navel attaches to the placenta absorbs the nutrients that your heart pumps into your blood vessels.


The essence of the food, transformed through your digestive capacity, nourishes both you and your baby: your digestive fire (agni) needs to be supported to create an "optimal juice" (rasa).

The flow of this juice from your heart to your womb should be constant and free from any obstruction.

This is achieved by a proper "agni care" and by balancing your doshas.

Ayurveda designs a specific nutrition for each gestational phase that responds to the developmental demands of the baby and ensure your tissues to stay strong.


The positive impact of the Ayurvedic nutritional regimen on pregnancy and childbirth prepares you to enter the postpartum period (Sacred Window). 




In-depth assessment and history taking

Tongue diagnosis

Pulse analysis 

Individualised pregnancy plan for your specific gestational phase that entails:​​​​

Nutritional and lifestyle advises that target your present complaints

Ad hoc herbal remedies

This offering is for you if you are not sure you would like to receive an ongoing support.


save 15% on full price of €105,-

until 30 September 2023 

Ayurveda has a month-wise pregnancy routine that has been proven to be supportive to the healthy development of the baby and promoting the balance of the mother, from conception to birth.


This offering includes a monthly consultation - numbers is agreed based on when we have our first contact that will offer you: 

Individualised pregnancy plan that accompanies your changes during pregnancy that includes:​​​​

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle advises 

  • Ad hoc herbal remedies


Contact me for pricing options

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