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Stepping into Motherhood

From dreaming to planning. From giving to receiving.

Mother and Baby in Autumn

Your own journey into motherhood started way back when your baby was a thought nested in your heart.

You spent the last months watching your belly becoming bigger and your feet disappearing: you have been talking with your baby imagining their smiles.

During your pregnancy most of your energy goes into preparing yourself for birth and you know that it will take some time and some support from the moment your baby will be on your chest.

Traditional societies were well prepared in supporting newborn mothers: healing remedies and practices where embedded in the culture and passed on within the community.

Nowadays part of the knowledge is held by our elders, mothers and sisters, while part unfortunately went lost. 


My desire is to offer part of this knowledge to you in a way that you might feel inspired in sharing the experience of being cared for with other women, as a friend, sister or mother, so that - over time - our communities will be infused again with the lost knowledge of the past.

Massage Supplies

Postnatal Massage & Trearments

Anytime from day 7 or 10 postpartum

Image by Giulia Bertelli

Postnatal plan & Consultations

Anytime from the third trimester 

Image by Jonas Allert

Postnatal Nutrition

Anytime from late pregnancy onwards

Image by Benji Aird

Postpartum Doula

Anytime from birth to 6 months postpartum

Mint Tea

Herbal Remedies

Anytime from later pregnancy to 6 weeks postpartum

Image by Emily Bauman

Rebozo Closing Ritual 

Anytime after week 6 postpartum

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