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My work as your Birth & Postpartum Doula

Prenatal, Childbirth and Postpartum 

Pregnant Woman in Nature


Introducing each other and written intake

The first meeting (free of charge can be booked directly via email) is for us to get to know each other and have a sense on how I can help you during your journey: you are welcome to ask me anything that is important for you to know as well as sharing what you expect from me. I work with an written intake to facilitate the process.

I encourage you to reach out to me well ahead to enquire my availability based on your expected due date.



Signature of the contract and payment of the retainer fee. 

The moment you hire me as your Birth Doula we schedule our sessions together and I will introduce you to my back up when convenient.

The fee for all the Ayu Doula Birth Support Packages is parted into two instalments. The fee for all the Ayu Doula Signature Birth Packages is parted into three instalments. Payments plan are available under request. Should the cost be a problem for you, contact me anyway and I'll be happy to talk about your options.

A discount is offered for the clients of my working partners Mamamoon Retreats and Seventh Series.


Prenatal visits and on call

The frequency of the prenatal visits are up to you, ideally we start working together from week 20 but anytime after is possible: for some couples/moms meeting up in a short period of time seems to be more effective.


The professional sessions included in your chosen package (i.e. massages, nutritional consultations) can be scheduled as early as you discover to be pregnant, depending on the chosen focus.


During this time and up to 3 weeks before your EDD, you can reach out for further support via phone or email. From week 37 both the back up doula and myself will be on call until you birth your baby.

The Birth Partner

Asking the birth partner to be the main support, may create a very difficult expectation for them to meet: often during some childbirth preparation classes, couples get the impression that by using a number of simple exercises the birth companion can be the main source of support.

This is true for those partners that are well guided, that have the chance to observe and to practice enough; for many of them - especially first timers - the experience is different.

Often they feel consciously or unconsciously not at ease about being the sole support in the room.

Ensuring a quiet and safe environment for your childbirth, means that your birth partner needs to feel secure and emotionally steady, so that can be available for you. This is the experience reported by the birth companions when a Doula is present. My role is neither one of replacing nor one of forcing your birth partner in any pre-defined role.

I encourage you both to reflect together on what you envision for your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. 

My training and experience as Birth Doula allows me to explain you the usual medical procedures in order to relieve some of your uncertainties and anxieties; if you wish so I can propose several resources as a way to support your informed decision making when it comes to birth setting, pain relief or natural childbirth.



The unique value of continuous support during childbirth is backed up by several researches that show how the quiet presence of a Doula enhances the natural abilities of the laboring woman. In fact, laboring in a space that feels safe and protected contributes to a positive birth experience and lessens the chances of complications. Here a throughout reading about the role of a Doula from Evidence Based Birth.

I offer you continuous in person support while you progress at home and, depending on the child birth setting of your choice I will adapt my care, always keeping in mind and honouring your prenatal wishes during the hours that will bring your baby from your womb into your arms.

I stay with you until 2-3 hours baby is born and I come back to visit you once within the first 14 days to check on you, answer your questions.

During this time I am reachable via email and phone.

If you chose me to support you during your postpartum to some capacity, this part of the work is integrated in the in-person care I will be offering.


The woman, according to the Ayurvedic tradition, is known as "sutika"and during the weeks that follow the birth of her baby she is taken care of in a very special way as it is said that:

"after delivery the new mother is very weak, sensitive and susceptible.

She has provided nourishment and energy to the child during 

its entire development, undergone the exertion

and resulting fatigue of labor, and blood loss, during and after delivery. Any health problem

arising during this time, could be difficult to treat and in some cases, impossible to cure.

Administering special remedies [to strengthen and protect her]

can provide the necessary care and attention, right from the beginning of the 

postpartum phase [to prevent illness to manifest in the future]"

The level of depletion the woman experience during postpartum has the potential of echoing for ears to come: initial nutritional depletion and tiredness may develop into a chronic sense of fatigue and lack of energy.

Women at this stage need to be taken care for: they need to receive supported and nourished both emotionally and physically.


Depending on your chosen package we will be working together in different moments of your journey; nevertheless I invite you to enquiry regarding my availability well ahead so that we can plan our time together.


Signature of the contract and payment of the retainer fee. 

The moment you hire me as your Postpartum Doula we schedule our sessions together.


The fee is parted into two or more instalments, depending on the chosen package. Payments plan are available under request. Should the cost be a problem for you, contact me anyway and I'll be happy to talk about your options.

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