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Birth & Postpartum for newborn mothers

Birth Doula Rates

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Add-On or On-Demand Support for Non-Doula Clients


These sessions are tailored for women that would like to have one-on-one preparation for birth, even if they are not looking for support at birth. The prenatal preparation sessions can be booked at any stage of the pregnancy, from week 20 usually once per month until the 37th week and/or once per week after week 37 until the baby is born. 


Add-on or on-demand services can take multiple forms, depending on your needs that we would discuss beforehand in a 20 minute call. The session takes place at your home. Services may include:


  • Support in connecting with your baby and envisioning your birth

  • Discussing your option and preparing your birth plan

  • Practical sessions on different stages of labor: optimal positions and comforting measures

  • Rebozo massage and the use of the rebozo during labor

  • Breathing and meditation sessions

  • Balancing techniques from Spinning Babies (for more of it, check the Postpartum Directory where you can find Certified Spinning Babies Parental Educators in Amsterdam)

Prenatal Preparation Single Session (90 min): 120 euros* 

3 Sessions: 354 euros*

5 Sessions: 560 euros*

Discounted rates on the single session for my Doula clients (you can add any number of sessions to your package and define the content)

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Relaxation and Body Work

These sessions take place in the comfort of your home and it is aimed to create relaxation and balance through the gentle stimulation of acupressure and marma points from both TCM and Ayurveda.


Feet and lower back massage, rebozo and polarity are performed next to acupressure.

The sessions take place only after the expected due date. 

Overdue session (60 min): 70 euros*

3 Sessions: 175 euros*

5 Sessions: 245 euros*

Discounted rates for my Doula clients

* All prices are inclusive 21% VAT (BTW) and are valid until the 31st December 2020

** Travel allowance or Commuting fee may apply under certain circumstances further detailed in the Service Agreement. 

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