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Birth & Postpartum for newborn mothers

Birth and Postpartum for Newborn Mothers

As Birth Doula I offer continuous support during hospital birth, home birth, and delivery in birth centres. My focus is on working together to help you embrace your pregnancy fully as it unfolds.

Pain coping strategies, optimal positioning, aromatherapy and body work, advocacy and decision making process support, birth plan discussion and preparation for the birth partner are a few of the areas covered.


We may start our path together at any time from the 20th week onwards:

the broad content of the prenatal sessions is defined upfront, nevertheless, your specific needs in terms of emotional, physical and informational support will be explored during a thorough intake and incorporated into our sessions.  

Why Traditional or Ayurvedic Postpartum Support?

In our culture lots of information, courses and options are given to the birthing couple to embrace the powerful act of giving birth while only a few encourage women to consider that they may need some time to ease into parenting.

Ayurveda gives you the opportunity to use the 42 days after giving birth as an opportunity for the body, mind, senses and emotions to be replenished: there is no better moment for doing so as the mom is in the perfect place to receive healing that has long lasting benefits in a more accelerated way.

A traditional Postpartum Doula can offer some basic hands on support to new families which are invaluable when it comes to take off your hands household responsibilities and allow you time to rest as well as bond with your baby.

As trained Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver and Practitioner I can support a complete return to health and radiance for mom, and thus the entire family. The 42-day postpartum window is a unique and powerful transitional time that has the potential to set up health positively or negatively for decades to come. When a mother is well supported with appropriate rest, food, drink, massage, herbal remedies and other lifestyle considerations, she is much more likely to experience a complete recovery that will benefit her health mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Part of my care is to include dietary, lifestyle and herbal choices that can minimise or avoid colic, depression and anxiety, as well as many other common postpartum complications and challenges. It has been found that the mother’s well being affects her family and that of her baby during the first hours, months and even years. The easiest time to influence this sensitivity is immediately postpartum, when heart and body are extremely open with the receptivity for powerful restoration on deep levels. The investment of postpartum rejuvenation addresses many issues including weight, joints, reproductive, hormonal, digestive and relationship health. 

After the first intake - possibly at the beginning of last trimester - the frequency and the length of the support will be defined: during my visits I will be assessing you and your child from an Ayurvedic perspective and update the postpartum measures (food and treatments) to speed up the healing process accordingly. My work includes listening and offering emotional and practical support whenever needed and requires me to understand and anticipate the functional dynamics arising in your family.

My role as Birth and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula is different and complementary to the roles of your midwife, gynaecologist, postpartum nurse, HypnoBirthing instructor or prenatal yoga teacher.


While working as an independent contractor and keeping a collaborative spirit among the team, I will be the person that will be with you as a constant presence through the different phases of your journey and may help you in integrating the work you do with other practitioners. 

"Childbirth is more than an individual, isolated event concerning a mother and her baby."

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